Good News Abounds

Peggy O'Mara
7 min readApr 24, 2024

There’s more to life than the scary headlines.

Photo by Satoshi-K.

When I sit outside listening to the birds or looking at the sky, I feel that all is right with the world. When I read the news, however, I fly into a rage and fear for the future. We seldom hear about the good news — even wonder if it exists — but there is plenty of it.

Texas Wind Farm. Photo 65734629 © James Mattil |

Renewable energy rising

The cost of producing electricity through onshore wind is now cheaper than using fossil fuels and wind power is the fasting growing of all power generation technologies worldwide.

In 2022, wind power accounted for 22% of all new electricity capacity installed in the US, second only to solar. The US is the second largest producer of wind energy in the world and the state of Texas produces the most wind energy in the US by far — 113.88 billion kWh in 2022. A percentage of the profits from each wind turbine in Texas is paid to the 300 individuals who own the land on which the turbines produce energy.

Worldwide, renewable energy is growing much faster than expected. From 2022 to 2027, renewables are expected to grow 85% faster than they did in the previous five years. By 2025, renewables will…



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